7-Step Filtered To Create Premium Purified Water 


World Class Premium Water is filtered through an intensive 7-step purification process providing the purest and freshest form of purified water.

  • Step 1:  Water filters through a twin alternative water softener which removes the hardness( such as calcium and magnesium) from the water

  • Step 2:  Water then filters through the granular activated carbon filter where contaminates and impurities are removed

  • Step 3:  Water filters through a 20 micron filter where sediment and suspended particles are removed from the water.

  • Step 4:  Water filters through a 5 micron filter where smaller sediment and suspended particles will be removed from the water.

  • Step 5:  Water filters through the reverse osmosis process, where nearly all the salts and minerals in the water source is removed. Reverse Osmosis works by forcing water through a semipermeable membrane at high pressure to force water against the natural osmotic gradient producing salt and mineral free water. The concentrated minerals and salts are rejected as waste in a smaller stream for treatment and disposal.

  • Step 6:  Our water is then filtered through a carbon filter, where the taste of the water is polished to its pure natural taste.

  • Step 7:  The premium, purified water is lastly filtered through ozone, to provide the highest level of purification and longevity in storage. Ozone is used instead of chlorine because it leaves no residual taste or odor.

Purified – Our 7 step purification system exceeds all levels mandated by both state and federal laws.

Bottling – Our facility is located in the heart of Southern California and is only a short distance from your location.

You’ll love our premium purified water!

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